About Me


My name is Melissa Lopez and I’ve been interested in hacking life ever since I knew something was a wee bit strange in my 9-5.
I just couldn’t come to terms with sitting all day long just staring at the walls of my cubicle, so it became a struggle within as most of you probably feel and this inability to fully adapt was felt for years.
Feelings of stress, anxiety and just general, “This sucks!” feelings started to leak into other parts of my life too so I set off on a quest to read, absorb and put into practice everything I could get my hands and eyes on regarding focus, productivity and most notably zen.
Of course, there’s only a reasonable amount of this practice that you can do or remember when you are in a hectic environment.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but it doesn’t mean you don’t stop trying. It’s no lie that patience in this day and age is the toughest virtue to uphold.
Also, most of us can’t just leave a job and say “To hell with it!”
I hate B.S. just as much as you do so I hope you can relate to my no nonsense, edgy style mixed in with a little art, a bit of hip hop and delivered in a SciFi, space-age wrapper.
I’ve distilled the best of the classical wisdom of both far eastern and classical western philosophies to actionable thoughts and practices by practicing them myself.
My hope is that I can also help you if you feel the same with  practical life changes that inspire action.